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Easter Accessories For Boys - Boys Belts | Cute Beltz

Posted by Cute Beltz on 2nd Apr 2015

Easter is a wonderful time of the year, not only is it a celebration of life for many, it also ushers in Spring.  This year we are happy to add a few new boys belts to our catalog and showcase so … read more

Spotlight Kids Wear - Candy Stripe Girls Belt

Posted by Cute Beltz on 17th Mar 2015

Today, we are highlighting our Candy Stripe Girls Belt.  Loved by many because of the rainbow of bright and cheerful colors.  Let us know what you love about our Candy Stripe belt and you ma … read more

Reading Strategies For Kids | Cute Beltz Blog

Posted by Cute Beltz on 12th Mar 2015

There are many resources to get your child reading, but these are a few tips I have found very useful through the years. Some are ways I knew and some are tips from friends, family, educators and thr … read more

What Are Your Summer Travel Plans?

Posted by Cute Beltz on 4th Mar 2015

Every year my family along with my mother, sister and her family, my brother and his family plan a vacation together. It is the only time our schedules jive. This year, we started planning late, it’s … read more

Cute Beltz Product TESTIMONIALS | Toddler Belts & Kids Belts

Posted by Cute Beltz on 4th Mar 2015

There are days when I have doubts about being in business, but when you receive a testimony like this one, I know what I am doing is making a difference and the sacrifices make it ALL worth it!!!!TEST … read more