The Cute Beltz Story - Why I started Cute Beltz?


Kristen, is the owner and designer of Cute Beltz LLC.  Mom, to two loving little girls, a wife and a designer of children's accessories.  Living the dream and loving my DESTINY!

My story goes like this…. on a beautiful sunny day in April, my daughter, then three walks into the room and says,” MOMMY, MY PANTS WON’T STAY UP!” I looked over and her pants were around her ankles. Now, I know you are saying were the pants to big for her? Nope, they were the right size, she just had a tiny waist. So, like most Mom’s I set out to solve the problem. I went to Target, Walmart, Macy’s, Sears, JC Penny’s and the list goes on and on, BUT there were no belts for toddlers. So, I kept searching and researching, NO BELTS TO BE FOUND. It was then I decided, I will make one because I couldn’t have my baby mooning people. My one belt, led to many request from the day care, friends, colleagues, strangers and the list goes on and on..... This idea, quickly turned into a business which has brought me to this point….. Cute Beltz.

Mom-invented....Kid Approved!