Host a Party

Do you love hosting parties? Well, why not host a virtual Cute Beltz party and make money while doing it.

This is how it works......

1. Compile a list of all your friends, family, co-workers who love to shop for their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc.

2. Contact us and schedule a day to host your event.

3. You will then be assigned a code which you will give to your "party goers."

4. Send out an evite with the details of your party: day, time, web address( and most importantly, your assigned code.

5. Shout out your party on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and any social network or mom group you belong to.

6. Get ready to party and watch the money roll in.

The great thing about a Cute Beltz party, there is no merchandise to buy, no people coming to your home, no asking friends to come over and see what I have to sell and best of all no money out of your pocket.

You will receive a portion of the sells based on the amount sold during your party.

If you think this is for you, email us at for complete details and to schedule your party.

Here’s to having fun from the comfort of your home! :-)