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Reading Strategies For Kids | Cute Beltz Blog

Posted by Cute Beltz on 12th Mar 2015

There are many resources to get your child reading, but these are a few tips I have found very useful through the years. Some are ways I knew and some are tips from friends, family, educators and thr … read more

What Are Your Summer Travel Plans?

Posted by Cute Beltz on 4th Mar 2015

Every year my family along with my mother, sister and her family, my brother and his family plan a vacation together. It is the only time our schedules jive. This year, we started planning late, it’s … read more

Must-Have Tools to Run Your Online Store

Posted by Cute Beltz on 24th Sep 2014

*Small Biz Tips*Great resources to help you grow your online business.1. Sarah Shaw, Entreprenette2. Bigcommerce3. Help A Reporter Out4. Andreea Ayers, Launch Grow JoyThese are just a few that I love. … read more