We appreciate your wonderful words.....

I ordered these a couple years ago and have loved them. We got at least two years out of them. She's out grown the S/M so we'll be passing them along to a friend. Thanks for making a great product! - H. Eland


Thank you so much for your very quick response. I love the belt and so will our granddaughter! Thank you and I will visit the site again. Your service was outstanding! - R. Bill


Online the belts look nice but once I opened the box and I saw them I was really impressed. You make a wonderful product. The belts are super cute and really well made!!! I am very happy I ordered them. – M. Van Loon


Thanks for the belt I won! It fits my son perfectly. He loves it. Would highly recommend to my friends too. – U. Ingram


CuteBeltz is a lifesaver! Toddler belts are never an easy accessory to find, but thanks to them our little ones are taken care of and the assortment is excellent! - C. Massey


I have to admit, I didn't think my boys needed any belts, let alone Cute Beltz, since almost all pants are adjustable. Boy was I wrong! My 7.5 year old boy LOVES his beltz! It adds an extra firmness to his pants (skinny waisted, I'm jealous!) and A LOT of style! And our almost 2 year old wears them regularly and tries to put them on himself which you've made easy with the velcro! The velcro is genius on these belts because even my older son can't quite do the loops on his own and I didn't want him to get to school and go crazy when he couldn't remember! Overall, A+ Cute Beltz - not just cute but comfy and and convenient. Love, love, love!
- L. Armstrong and my boys C & C


Kristen is a fabulous mompreneur and my 6 yr old loves a velcro belt with her school uniform! -E. Schlesier


Your belts are phenomenal! It was an absolute pleasure working with you! Thank you SO much!! -C. Dillon


Thanks so much, Kristen, for having and sending the perfect belt. I am not at all Bridezilla, but I have had a really hard time finding something cute and casual for my son. I am so excited to have found your site! -K. Smith


I have written a review, but wanted to let you know how thrilled my daughter and grandson are with his belts. He can run and keep up to the others without holding up his pants...a necessary achievement when starting kindergarten in September...thanks so much! -C. Macaulay


Love this high-quality belt I received for my son from Cute Beltz! -E. Miliusis


There is nothing better than finishing off a little boy's outfit than with a belt; and what better belt than one from Cute Beltz. They are amazing --- cute, true to size, great colors and durable --- the best belts ever! We have been wearing one almost everyday for over a year and they look like they did when we received them. A perfect compliment to every outfit. A must have accessory for any gender. -JB


I ordered the belt for my Great grand niece for Christmas and I had a shipping notice the same day I ordered it. Belt came in a few days, and it's a nice quality little belt for a 3 year old and I think she will love it.  I'm always weary about ordering from a place that I haven't ordered from before and have to say I wish all the things I buy on line went as smooth as it went with Cute Beltz.  I'm very happy with my purchase, keep up the good work! - Grandma


My son wore this belt with white linen pants and a white button up shirt to a wedding. It was adorable. I highly recommend this belt! -Mom


I was so happy to be able to buy 2 belts for my 2 grandsons that matched!
They will be so cute in my daughter's wedding in khakies and white buttondowns. -ET


I was so happy when I found this website. It was so difficult to find my daughter a belt that actually fit. I was very surprised how quickly the belt shipped. Very cute and fit perfect. I will be ordering more. - C. Fletcher


I love this belt for my six year old. It's very functional and the colors pop. My little ones face lit up as soon as she saw it. -Jeminese


This was the perfect addition to my son's wardrobe. He's between sizes and this belt keeps his shorts from falling off his butt. It's a must-have accessory for the stylish toddler! -EC


I bought my son this belt for his school uniform last year. It did great! Easy for him to put on (he was in Kindergarten when he started using it) and lasted until half way through 1st grade when his waist was getting too big. I bought the next size up recently, but it broke on the second wear (thus the 4 star)! I've got a replacement (they were great to replace it for me!). Hoping it was a fluke and this second one lasts until he grows out of it again. -L. Downs


Got the d-ring belt for my daughter to use with her archery quiver. it was perfect and just her style :) -Kim